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Rich’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2005

Location: The South - Part 1, New Zealand

MapOn the West coast of the South Island, we did a walk up to the end of the Franz Joseph Glacier, which was a pretty amazing sight, so the next day we booked in for a day walk up the Fox Glacier.
After putting crampons on to our boots, we climbed up on to the Glacier, following the footsteps of our axe wielding guide, who was on a mission that day to get us as far up the Glacier as humanly possible. The scenery was fantastic and we got to visit a number of amazing Glacial features. In the end we had to turn back as he took us up to the point where we would need ropes, axes etc to continue.
Next stop was Wanaka, where we did the Rob Roy walk up to the Rob Roy Glacier. We also went to the really cool Cinema Paradiso to see King Kong - you could drink beer whilst sat on a couch, and there was an interval where they served up hot cookies. Lovely!
We also payed a visit to puzzle world, where we got lost in an outdoor maze, just as it started to bucket down. It took us nearly half an hour to get back out!