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Nick’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Nov 2002

Location: Beijing, China

MapLast night we met up with everybody and headed out to sample more food delights. Started off with some Scorpion on a stick - just like crispy chicken skin. Then some of us (not me) tried starfish - it stunk and apprently tasted like it smelled. All of this was from street stalls around the main shopping street. For dinner was the obligatory Peking duck - nice but fatty. For dessert we found a fried icecream stall in the street - watched him fried it up. Different to the Aussie chinese version - eggwhite on the outside, bread underneath. Not bad though.
Today we headed out to a remote part of the Great wall to do a walk. We didn't want to go to the restored and touristy parts as we wanted to experience it in nature, without the people and see how it really is. It blew us away! No castle will ever impress me again after seeing this - and imagining that it runs for 6000km. It goes up and down the steepest slopes and highest peaks - thousands of metres - all the while at least 4 metres high and 3 metres wide. We wished we could have stayed and walked for days with the spectacular scenery and fell of it all. Photos will try and show how it was. After this we went off to the summer palace - nice parks and gardens with scatterings oif forbidden city type buildings in it. Was very serene, pretty, would be nicer in summer we think. A very nice way to finish the day. Tomorrow maybe we will ride some bikes - get amongst it, and also see some markets. Then we head off to Xian - to see the terracotta armies. Lots of trains happening - Guilin, then Ghangzhou - then Hong Kong - then home - all in the next 10 days or so. Bloody hell! But seeing a lot along the way. Hopefully get some more photos up today too. Until next time... Ni Hau