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Nick’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Dec 2002

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapOkay a bloody update at last. Can't remember where I left you last, probably China somewhere.... woops. So I got a dirty flu in Ghangzhou - nothing top do with the farewell do we had for us all... a few bevvies. Well the flu kinda killed the pleasure out of the journey home, ended up at the doctors with minor pnuemonia and some dirty medicine that gives you heart flutters and the shakes. But it worked. So we ate dog in Ghangzhou - thats about all I did besides lying in bed with a fever (no it wasn't a bad mood timbo). Dog at a dog restaurant where all the locals were impersonating dogs to scare us. Well we ate it, and it tastes like... well, dog. No chance of getting served it and not knowing I think. The ferry trip to China was cool. Hong Kong is the most densly packed place on earth, sky scraper after skyscraper on island after island. So many people and so much money spent there. Jas and I parted company with him spending a few days there with a mate - and me flying home (coughing and feverish - lucky passengers on Qantas!). Since then I've caught up with all the old friends (nothing changes) and spent some time with my family. A very relaxing time up at Scotts Head for christmas. You know - beach, eat, drink, beach, eat, eat, fish, eat.... Now back in Sydney for new years and to continue catching up with all the crew. (Right now at Paul Brenners pad, sweet place!). So... thats it for now. Well unto three weeks when I fly to Canada!

Do I really have to get a job and find a place to live and make friends and all that again...... yep.