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Nick’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Jan 2003

Location: Scotts Head, Australia

MapStill bumming it on the beach. Only a week and a half to get sorted and then off to Vancouver. Timbo has booked his flight I think, as has Pip, so at least I won't be on my own! Going to miss Australia I think. On the cards for the last week... catch up with those I have not yet #1! Do another middle harbour kayak day - what other city in the world can you do this! Have a blue mountains ride day - the oaks fire trail. Another ride up on red hill.. and another ride up Scotts Head beach. A barbie or two more... (get good red meat while you can!)... and plenty more beach days.... yeah! I chucked a few photos up. But I've been spending more time sorting out a new computer, digital camera, and training dad on how to use it all. I'm a good son. Amazing what I will do for some anzac biscuits. Maybe I'll even chuck up a photo or two of the old family slides we've scanned.... good for a laugh.