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Nick’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003

Location: Sydney Airport, Australia

MapOK here we are at Sydney airport, on the way to Canada! Tim has gone - as all three of us are on different flights. I get the pleasure of LA for 2.5 hours before flying Alsaka Air to Vancouver. Anyone heard of them? Just what I need, another Eskimo experience. That would be a good mile high club entry.

Many of the last nights were spent catching up with everybody, which was great. A great last swim was had yesterday on a 30 degree day. Not as hot as 46 when we decided to go riding in the blue mountains. Tim had a dose of heat stroke so we ended up swimming in a swampy looking creek. But it helped. I crammed everything into my pack yesterday - the first backpacker with a suit with him. And I'm not proud of that. Hopefully I'll get to burn iot after I can't get a IT job in Vancouver, as I hate the bloody things. So the Australia 'holiday' was fantastic. I look forward to the next time I come home, especially since all the friendships and places stay the same.

Anyway - until we settle in Vancouver and get sorted out.... I'm aboot to go to Canada....