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Nick’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Jan 2003

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapHey! So here we are.... Vancouver. Flights here were cool... Alaskan airlines not bad, Los Angeles experience pretty cruisy, even getting into the country dead easy and smiley. Met friendly people who came up and chatted on the bus on the way in to town, very welcoming, although it did rain all day, but basically a great welcome. Then theres hostel hell. FULL of aussies, ALL aussies, and our room mate, from that place that you drive through on the MWesty to the blue mountains, who has the personal hygene of a rodent and foot odour that could kill a moose, well he certainely put a dampener on things. That and the fact that there are NO jobs! It has rained a lot, and we haven't really been inspired by Vancouver - seems like a small place, and the mountains are covered non stop in cloud. But it does have potential I'm sure, we just have to see it. So to a house and jobs, well the reality is there are bugger all IT jobs (anywhere in Canada, maybe the world) and not many other jobs either, well, its just gonna take a bit of time to get sorted properly. So I may well be working in a gym, or a sony shop, or a computer shop, or hell, be a "Sandwich Technician" in a subway shop! But these are the challenges of moving to another country. And the trans Canada experience is only a few months away anyway. So I've got a mobile now... and I'm gonna broadcast it here because I don't care who calls me anyway. Apparently they're only half have their act together with international texting so it may not work all the time... great. +1 604 551 2702. So now I'm off to Maccas - that four and a half years and grillman of the year award could come in handy! Caio! "Would you like fries with that? What aboot a coke?"