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Nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapOK say the place is not that bad. The emails and updates sound pretty down, but thats just because theres no jobs, and the hostel is in the lowest part of town there is. Well second lowest anyway. But - we are getting a place, have dropped CVs all over the place, although most jobs don't start until March as its all very seasonal. The local mountains around Vancouver have all shut as there is no snow too, which hasn't helped businesses here. Pretty much it feels like a big town. It does have a lot to offer in terms of outdoors though, and can't wait to get the bikes here and get into it. But for the time being its looking for a place, and looking for a job. Its just hard because they do things funny here - no centralised searching for either. But she'll be apples.