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Nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Dec 2003

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapWell Christmas is over - and New Years is on its way. But what a christmas! We skied - a true white christmas! Its been the best snow over here in 25 years or so. Who cares about beaches and 37 degrees in Sydney! Right now its about -3 outside - and Vancouver is covered in snow as well. Its meant to snow over night, and later in the week. A top temp of -17 is due for next week too which should be fun. No more riding to work with icy roads!
Before christmas Flint (another aussie) and I got out for a few snow trips. Snow shoeing, skiing, and camping in the mountains around Vancouver and Whistler. Its amazing to get out and stay in such wild landscapes. And building and sleeping in a snow cave is also a new experience. Its quite cosy - well relative to the outside of wind, snow and cold. Its quite nice to wake up to a dull blue glow all around, and sleep to silence. And to wake up and dig out the tunnel to emerge ina meter of new snow to jump and wade through is also pretty amazing - especially with wild mountains all around.
Well the final Canada month is going to be pretty busy. Tim and Brooke have left and are in New York for New Years. After Tim returns a bunch of us will head out for a 5 day backcountry ski trip thorugh the Pemberton icefields. Then off to Seattle for a few days to visit some friends. And then - straight to Fernie for 10 days or so of pure skiing, or snowboarding for Tim. Can't wait! Its so nice to ski here!

Its going to be a busy time, and sad to say goodbye to so many friends, and to Canada which I love. But at least its summer in Australia, and the beach is waiting!