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Nick’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Jan 2004

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapJust got back from Fernie, in the Rockies. Actually was lucky to get back, as it dumped so much snow every day that the roads everywhere are covered and shut. But good snow means great skiing. That is once you learn to ski the legendery Fernie powder! Its a whole new technique. One day your flying down the groomed sloped looking pretty smooth, the next day your up to your knees in powder, struggling to make a turn without rolling down the hill in fluffy stuff. I hadn't stacked it once all the time skiing in Canada until the powder hit - then it was every 5 minutes. But once you get it, its beautiful! We stayed with our friend Mel, who we met on Transcanada. She's an instructor out there, and is living the life, skiing there everyday, and drinking every night. Pete of transcanada fame also came out to join us for a few days from Trail where he lives now. He took me down some runs, double black diamonds through tight trees in deep powder. He made it look easy, I struggled to turn before eating tree bark every time. But wicked fun! I made it through the week injury free, but Tim on his Snowboard (with which he was actually doing well) ate it bad on a hangover morning, and twisted his ankle badly so was on the couch for the rest of the time. We did manage to get out and see a local hockey match which was cool as well - lots of blews which we all love to watch. More aussies in the crowd than anybody, and more rowdy than anybody too. It was a wicked trip! Just before we headed out there we dropped down to Seattle in the US to visit Dana and Jim, friends we met in London, and visited us in Vancouver. Its a nice city, a good feel to it. We checked out the music musuem - which is very interactive and cool, and the museum of flight (boeing is based here) and got on one of the retired Concordes. Basically checked out all the sites, had some good dinners and stuff. Didn't see Eddie Vedder - sorry Kristen, I would have said hi for you.
Now, back in Vancouver (where its pissing rain - what a surprise). Packing down, and saying farewell to all our friends. Its funny, its a big exodus again for all the Aussies I know too - will have a bunch of them to catch up with back in Australia, Flint, Cam, Alastar who are all climbers, kayakers, skiers, bikers. We had an excellent dinner with our landlords and friends Claudio and Elana last night. He's Argentinian, she's Isreali, and they lived in Italy for years. So as usual, it was a beautiful dinner with restaurant quality food! We'll miss all our friends here, it's the worst part about leaving. Tim flies out on Sunday - via Malaysia, USA, and about 6 other countries, with two big bags and a bike in a box - have fun! I am off to explore Vancouver island, maybe walk the Juan de Fuca trail and explore Tofino, with Russell and his wife Morghan. The Canadian adventure is nearly over - but not quite. I'll be back in the sunshine on the 12th of Feb. So until then.... enjoy....