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Nick’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Jun 2002

MapHi All,

So this the new page. All the complaints of nothing to check while you all sit at work each day has led to this. Well planetranger is tims site - still in testing stage, but its going ot be big. So when you get bored with my page - you can go and check out what everyone else is doing by their ages on planetranger - or if you go travelling have you own!

So they gave me a visa - did the trip to Copenhagen to exit and re-enter. Three years they gave me - but I cant face another winter. It will be home for summer for me. Copenhagen was great - fell in love with the place - or was it the perfect girls flying past on bikes. So now I have left the penthouse (Pip and Ras's house - thanks guys oyu are the best) and moved in with two ENglish girls right near the common. Will work until end of September at the japanese bank and hopefully squeeze a few more trips in before home. Little sis Emma is over with Craig her fiancee so am off to look around Ireland for 2 weeks at the start of August.

Caught up with Coralie the other day - an old school friend. Its amazing who turns up in London.

Lovely Ainhoa is back from her epic Aussie trip soon which all the lovely house is waiting for. Hola guapa! Anyway - anything interesting will be chucked up here, but its not quite the ghetto. Keep an eye out for photos and news and drop me a message. Will try and post some photos of the up and coming porno party we are having - I'm going as buck naked. Gotta get that mo happening....