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Tatiana’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Dec 2003

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

MapHi everyone,
I apologize in advance for the bulk email however, this is how it will be from time to time. I will also send shorter personal emails when I get the chance.

Whoa. Where to start? I am here. And have had a few nights of good rest, my body feels good and my voice is almost 100% back. My apartment is very cute. Terracotta floors and a little bathroom and kitchen. Jude had some furniture and little things like soap for me when I got there and I have been moving furniture around and putting up decorations and taking them down and moving them around. It smells like my place when I get home now due to the use of my various oils and aromatherapy products. My apartment BUILDING is on the ocean. Right on the beach. I do not have a view of it from my studio but I can hear it and it puts me to sleep.

Judeís boyfriend (novio in Spanish) Berlio owns a restaurant/ bar and so I am being well fed and have had one pina colada so far. I am JUST getting settled today and am looking forward to a walk around. I am right downtown at the end of the Malecon (the boardwalk) and am a few steps away from the bridge to la zona romantica, which is the old part of town and is VERY funky with tons of cafes and cool shops. I like it alot and think it will be my favourite place to walk and hang.

I am having some resistance to the job as it is doing promotional work for time-share. I just have to remember to be ME and that I can be successful at it AND be in integrity. There are so many cheesy sleazy time-share promoters and do not want to be one of them nor do I want to be thought of as one. I watch Jude and she is real and herself and the truth is that she, like me, is real and that is what has always worked for me in sales. To be me and to be honest. I know that BEcause I have resistance that I should do it, try it and see what happens. I am currently training and I already get the gist of it. I just need to familiarize myself with the city. So that I am familiar with what I am sending my clients to, I went to one of the "sales presentations" as a customer today. It was a good learning experience and the fact is that I GET what they are selling and truth be told the hotels are gorgeous and it is a good deal, if you like resort traveling. And there are ALOT of people
here who do.

I am also planning on looking into teaching as well.

I am taking time to take care of myself. To journal, and sleep and eat but have yet to go swimming in the ocean but went up to the pool on our roof yesterday and did some stretching and put my leg in the pool. We have two pools. One, which faces the ocean and one overlooking the city and the hills. The city, by the way, IS a city. It has EVERYTHING, even a comfy cinema where I plan to go see Lord of the Rings as soon as it comes here!!

Tonight I am going out to dinner with Jude and Berlio. They go to a new place each Monday and tonight I am the third wheel. LOL. Thursday we are going to a sweat lodge up in the hills, which sounds cool.

I am not going to have a phone and have not yet signed my lease so donít know my address but will let you know when I do. FYI, I am in Puerto Vallarta and the state is Jalisco. I am going to buy a calling card as soon as possible and will call when I can to say hi.

I have no idea what is to happen with work, my life in general and I feel a bit scared but am also trusting God, the Universe, the Source, and myself.

I am going to go now but wanted you all to know that I am alright.
I send you all love and will write more when I do.

Over and out for now. Type to you soon.

love Tan