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Bec’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Aug 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWell, we have made it to Sunny Sydney!!! Janine and I travelled on the bus to Sydney. We stopped at the airport and decided to do a spot of shopping. We made friends with a lot of the helpful people working at the airport today. Well... did I have fun! Everyone at the downtown duty free was so friendly. Jan was so helpful and informative with sunglasses and watches. Most people who know me, know it takes hours for me to make a decision but that didn't phase Jan in the least. I tried on every set of sunglasses and then proceeded to the watch counter. Finally got a pair of sunnies.
Then it was to the health food shop and I got my iris read. I've got liver and womens problems. I shouldn't have too much fatty food, alcohol and I need to drink loads of water. I need to take the fish oil tablets which make me feel too hot or too cold. Well there goes all my fun. Will try to follow that advice when I return.
Anyway the big flight is tomorrow and Janine and I are heading out to Coogee for a meal and a wine before we leave Australia. Love to all, Bec