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Bec’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Sep 2005

Location: London, UK

MapThe trip from Sydney to Seoul was good... but when we arrived in Seoul, our ship really did come in. We stayed at the Hyatt! Well hello. Janine and I were really Lady Mucks. We swanned about in white slippers and robes. It was all too much. Korean people were very friendly and helpful. We loved it!
Our flight was awesome! We catched the sun and I reckon we had daylight for 24 hours. That was weird and quite surreal and
in true Rebecca-Love Style, I stuffed up the dates and arrived on Wednesday and not Thursday like I told Tiff. So brave little Rebecca-love found the tube station and jumped onto the train. Poor Tiff scared her out of her witts but all was fine and in an hour or so I was with Tiffy in her flat.