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Bec’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Sep 2005

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapHi everyone,
Well our feet have barely hit the ground. We left Krawcow biding a sad goodbye... and arrived in sunny Budapest.
Budapest was an interesting place. We arrived on the night train among rumours of gassing and robbing etc. But all was good. However we got shafted the moment we got into the country. A woman on the train insisted that there was no other accommodation except for the Marco Polo Hostel. The place was clean, tidy and had very pleasant surroundings. But if service was what your after you have come to the wrong place...they were rude, unhelpful and very unpleasant. Don't ever stay there.
When we arrived we went to the Budapest Thermal Baths...well our eyes were opened wide. It seemed all nice at first everyone was friendly then there were some women (and i can assure you they were women) that should leave their clothes on. Then floaties in the water. We are very lucky we didn't get sick.
The next day Kell and I had a rest day. We went sounenir shopping and generally just swanned about. It was time for a rest. It did mean we missed out on sight seeing in Budapest and a lot of people have said it was a beautiful place but everyone has to have a break sometime. It has been go gadget go.
Now we are in beautiful Vienna. On Saturday night we took a horse and carriage ride around the city and it was beautiful. We were in wonderment and awe most of the ride. We walked around on foot yesterday and I dearly wanted to see Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' but it all got too hard.
We had our piss off Adam night and helped him celebrate his last night by cooking pasta and singing songs we didn't know the words to and play musical instruments. Some people showed us up and so we decided to give it a rest. Anyway off for another adventure. Love to all.