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FNQ Femme’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Apr 2007

Location: France

MapWhy is it when you go away for a few days you have a good think about all the things your going to change...with me it ranges from losing weight to rearranging all the cupboards at home to talking more intelligently to remember to be more loving to The Inspector to dressing more like a real Parisian (not like a tired old hobo)...etc etc the time I get back I am exhausted and fall into a big sleep and wake up and end up eating half a baguette with french cheese while watching an American movie on the sofa.

Somethings not right.

Time to make some proper changes, as I am soon to be back in Australia to see family and friends and if I keep up this game, no ones going to recognise me!

Just celebrated another that another reason for rethinking how to move onto the next year more positively. The Inspector took me away to Cancale, in Brittany - well known for its oysters...the little rustic place where we go to eat them is run by the grandmother..the daughter and the daughters daughter. I am pretty sure the grandfather, the daughters husband and either the son or the daughters boyfriend are out gathering up the oysters while we are eating them on shore.

I had enough to last me another year. That night The Inspector took me to an amazing restaurant and once again ate a meal like no other, but unfortunately I ended up so so full I had an uneventful night in the salle de bain (toilet) with trouble from both ends of the spectrum (if you get what I mean.

BUT - all thats behind me now (so to speak) - all gone down the gurgler - theres lots of exciting things ahead and I am so excited to catch up with familiar faces and accents that I have missed so much...oh yes ...and some good aussie tucker!