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FNQ Femme’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Location: France

MapFirst of all – to those I have not had contact with for some time…sorry about that…I’ve told you before…and I meant it…life’s hectic here!

I thought I’d send you a once off blog – even thou I have finished doing them these days – but it’s the only way to reach all of you at the one time.

EZYJET advertised a super cheap ticket to visit Barcelona – and I think I must have been the first person to take up their offer!

So it was time to pack all those gypsy hoop earrings – black shawls with embroided red roses – flashy gold and silver clothes – and any possible ‘fake’ brand named bags or accessories I can lay my hands on.

Flight took off without too many delays – and it was great to get away from Paris after suffering for a couple of weeks with the transport strikes.

Hotel we stayed in was a Spanish chain called the NH Hotels (appropriate for me – don’t you think?) The location wasn’t bad – but I know exactly where to stay next time. (always the way isn’t it).

I only marked a few things in the guide book to visit – and was blown away with what I saw. I just was amazed at Gaudi’s architecture – and found myself wanting to learn more and more – even brought a book on it!!! How’d ya be! And read it already!! You will see by the photos why. His works seemed like entering into an adult whimsical wonderland – and you could feel people’s spirits lift …really you could! When we arrived at Parc Guell – everyone was smiling and laughing and you just felt happy to be there (except The Inspector – but then again – hes French and always looking for something negative!) - my photos follow don't show the full effects of this park. So go here to see more...

the famous church

the other Gaudi works

We walked and walked for miles everyday – and saw so many wonderful things…ate tapas and the best Paella ever!

I hope you all (if haven’t already) have an opportunity to go there in your lifetime. And when and if you do…I promise to give you all my secret addresses!