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Tatiana’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Jan 2008

Location: Hintonburg, Ottawa, Canada

MapIn just 6 days we will be in our new home!!! (photos of which are finally uploaded). I am so excited that I have woken (is that a word?) up early two days in a row to pack and prepare. The apartment is looking a bit box-y now with most everything not in cupboards pack up. Today I attempt to get the office and some of the kitchen done.

Terry is off to an all day Photography Composition workshop (my Christmas gift to him) and although he felt badly not being here for the packing today, I am so glad he is going to be away having fun while I can practice my anal retentive packing measures on my own lol! I actually LIKE packing. I enjoy organizing and categorizing and playing Tetris with all the stuff, trying to fit it into the boxes. It's good therapy when heading into the unknown - a way of being in control when I don't feel like I am lol.

On that note, holy mackerel do I feel that there is alot going on lately and also that the Universal energy is quite frenetic. With the full moon earlier this week and Mercury going retrograde on Monday (the effects of which are already being felt), things have been kinda crazy. So far I have been able to laugh it off even though there have been moments of frustration and I hope that I am able to maintain this attitude over the next while, especially during the move.

I started a dance class this week. A technique called NIA which blends dance, martial arts and body integration therapies. It is both choreographed and free form, and works with flexibility, mobility, agility, stability and strength and energy, and is a nice compliment to yoga where we stay on the mat. I am actually interested in studying it and becoming certified so that I may teach it.

OK, a part of me wants to continue writing and getting to the "good" stuff - the deeper stuff - however I am also anxious to get packing.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day. Let us Be present to every moment.

xo Tatiana