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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005

Location: Australia

Mapso my most recent trip away... was back home... still it was awesome since i hadn't been back in 8 months. did the grad ceremony, caught up with the friends, went to the same places as i did before... life just doesn't change much i guess. didn't feel like i had left actually which isn't a bad thing, the familiarity of it all was actually a relief.
after being told me flight had been cancelled the day before i was heading home they managed to get me on another flight, completely packed mind you in the crummiest seat possible (middle of the middle row! can't see out the window and have to alert noisy rice-cracker chomping man beside me when needing the loo!!) so despite having no sleep for almost 2 days i managed to get very happy on cheap wine within a few hours of landing (well, after mum and i tried to find a hairdresser that was open, to scared to go here in okinawa, i'd probably end up with a mullet), wearing a yukata with my best friend jess.
the rest of the trip was basically the same, drinking with people, eating loads of thai and mexican (something that the japanese seem to know nothing about, unless you like corn chips with tomato sauce!) met up with some friends of one of the girls i know here which was cool, got to show them some fun clubs (DUB included of course!!! yeah yeah, i know what half of you are thinking, but have you ever been there and had a shitty night? i think not :))
was looking forward to going down the coast since it had been freezing in okinawa for the 4 months prior to my trip home, but the wind was crazy and all i managed to get was sand stuck down one side of me from the crazy winds. only last about 5 mins on the beach, but shopping was fun after so not to worry...
had an awesome time with dan who i hadnt seen for 2 months (since he came and visited me in okinawa) and got to catch up on some of his latest music. he's so talented and truly gifted musically.
had my grad ceremony since i missed the one i was originally supposed to go to (had to fly to okinawa 3 weeks earlier) and it was pretty cool. definitely can't complain since i got to have it with sar and jess!! :)
so overall, my time at home was pretty damn awesome, it was great to catch up with everyone and go out and dance to songs that i know, actually, i didnt know some of them. haha, anyone would think i was living on a deserted island, but little old okinawa does get some new songs, just not as many as back home does...
have fun and take care everyone,
jaimee xo