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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Apr 2005

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Maphad my 23rd bday yesterday! not really knowing what i should do to document this occasion i left it to the able hands of dona (mama gaijin) aine and hannah. started off at beerdome, an all you can eat and drink place where i ended up being dressed in tinsel, sash (with phil's lovely idea of writing "1 Aussie $" on it... that is only like 80 yen!) tiara and a lovely green tourist-style visor... yeah that didn't stay on for too long... anyways, most of us were pretty pissy gaijin by the time we left there and ventured over to hinotama hall. despite the music being slightly less than decent it was still a fun and crazy night had by all... i guess these pics tell more than what i can type... so, another year older, not really any wiser, i can call myself a 23 year old... not that i want to, i think 22 sounded better!
thanks to all of those people (back home, or wherever it is you may be...) who remembered my bday! it means a lot to me that even though i'm not at home in Oz you still took the time out to send me your wishes :)