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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 May 2005

Location: Agunijima, Japan

Map"not much to see except goats... sleep on the tatami mat floor downstairs because everyone throws up on the ferry..." - random peeps...
surprisingly enough, on an island of 900 people, (30% over them over 65 years old!! and the average age of the "young peoples association" being around 30) aguni was really fun. i stayed with my friend Jen, who is the ALT on the island. the ferry ride over only consisted of sleeping really, no throwing up, not even the other passengers... (aren't you all stoked you know that now!!) but once i got there we both went and baked our particularly white bodies at the beach. was a little too cold to go swimming but then again i have always been a bit of a sook when it comes to cold water... anyways, after having most of the locals gawk at us and take photos with their mobiles (yep... that is how few gaijin come to the island...) we had a little try at swimming but i only got to my knees, i was more entertained watching the little cutie-pie kids go swimming in their jeans and shirts and shout random japanese at each other... did a tour of the island today, you can walk around it in just over 2 hours, saw some cool limestone caves (pic...) which were a good 10 degrees cooler than the outside air. there'd be no need to use your air con in summer, you could just go and hang out in the caves. there is a small shrine in there too. actually, jen has a shrine in her awesome house, so occasionally the people who own her place just wander in and start praying, fill up shot glasses with awamori (okinawan sake) for the rellies... p.s all okinawans are pissheads!
there was a beautiful breeze up on the lookout today so it was fun to just stand on the fence and try and not fall off it. saw some more cuties there too so here's a pic of them!! they are soooo adorable when they speak english, well, really just hello... my name is... how are you...? hell some of my grade 7s still get a little confused so that is awesome for a 3 and 5 year old!
anyways, that is it for now, hope everyone is doing well!! take care and have fun