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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Jun 2005

Location: Kobe, Japan

MapSo i recently went up to mainland japan for a "conference" that all 1st year recontracting jets have to go to... hell my board of edu pays for my flight and couple of nights in a fab hotel so there is no complaints from me!! so anyways, the conference and lectures and stuff was alright... but it was the parties parties parties at night that were obviously the most fun... on the sunday night it was mostly just okinawan jets so we just went out for dinner and then to an irish bar and a few other random places... but monday night was absolutely brilliant!! went to a place called Sally's, basically just a gaijin bar packed with jets, but damn it was awesome!! felt like i was back at home. knew all the songs that they played, which is a big change from the okinawa clubs we go to down here... so we drank and danced and drank and danced and a bit more of that until we finally decided to leave as the sun was coming up... couldn't find aussie matt but a few minutes wait outside and a lovely caring staff member of sally's, the owner i think, brought him downstairs, swung over his shoulders. as we crawled out of the cab at our 5 star hotel matt falls out of the cab and it was just impossible to lift him up... gave us a bit more to laugh about though... maybe you just had to be there...

sitting through 4 x hour and a half lectures hungover and trying not to fall asleep was a total mission on the tuesday, but that's not gonna stop any of us from doing it all again tuesday night!! so, like good little party people we had a few drinks from the local 711, "family mart" actually (they sell alcohol at convenience stores here!! yay!!!) found some stairs to rest and drink our beverages on and then off to a few clubs (one called Soul Blood which was cool as!!) until we finally made it to the official jet party, which was totally awesome, rnb hip hop mostly, met some cool peoples and danced the night away...