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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Jun 2005

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Mapwell, i've just spent the last 30 mins typing up this stupid journal and i lost it all....!!!!!! argh... you will now get the shortened version...
the end of year party was held at the BEACH ROCK HOUSE in Yomitan, awesome location and the house was kinda like a funky surfer looking shelter with cool pics on the wall and a cute little bar. started off the day just bumming around at the beach chatting with some peeps who i hadn't seen in a little while... until it started raining a little... but not to worry, that wouldn't stop us from starting the craziness of what is know as oki jet end of year party!!!!! yay!!!
so we started up the barbie around 7, mama gaijin (aka dona) did an awesome job on the veggie burgers... however the smoke from the barbie managed to make her look wasted before the 3 hours of all you can drink drinkies even started... haha no worries dona, it didn't last long... so once we started the three hours of drinkies we went a little crazy, no such thing as pacing your self when there is only 3 hours of all you can drink right!? right!! ne!!
the little mid-evening entertainment was provided by the ever beatiful lynn with her hula dancing and lovely costumes. you could tell the room was so quiet and still with eyes only on her, it was really pleasant and pretty to watch. loved the flowers in yer hair too!! nick played guitar in between her three dances. he has such a lovely voice and is really talented on the guitar.
the rest of the night was spent listening to amul and levia djing (awesome job you guys, otsukare!!), table dancing (seems like a good idea when under the influence), wandering down to the beach being sure to not stack it down the not so safely built stairs, to where enthralling coverstations were to be had (hmm... don't quote me on that one, not sure exactly what was discussed but hell i'm sure it would have been interesting...) and the end of the night, after people had somehow dropped like flies and ventured into the sleeping quarters (frikken hottest tents in the world... bugs included... but if you like sleeping in saunas then whatevers...) was spent dancing and carrying on inside with a few other people, crazy irish chickies aine and her sis clare included :)
so yeah, almost one whole year here in oki... it has flown by and although i will miss a lot of the people who are heading back to their home land... well, somewhere on earth... i'm excited for my second year of fun here in OKINAWA!!!! crazy times which i'll never forget.
luvin' life!!!!!!