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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jul 2005

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

MapSo Taiwan... just Taipei really... from first sight i thought it was a pretty ugly city, an eyesore really, nothing nice about it at all... but then once you drive around it a few times you realise that there are a number of pretty streets lined with trees, some modern buildings and a beautiful well-kept Temple right in the middle of it all.

As soon as we landed, Dona, Dee, Aine, Lynn and I dropped our stuff off at our hotel and headed straight to JB's bar for drinkies!!! Wasn't long before we had a shot or two under our belts and decided to cab it to the next club, Roxy 99, which i heard is supposed to be one of the 2 best bars in Taipei... was actually a really fun night, would have sucked if it wasnt considering we were supposed to go to Ministry of Sound... anyways, this club was really cool, played all different kinds of music and most of the peeps were uni students who spoke english (cos they have to study english at uni there...).

The next day we managed to crawl out of bed and be at the grounds by 10am ish to play gaelic footy. Wasn't at all keen to play originally but it ended up being a pretty fun game. It's pretty fast paced but somehow managed to get the ball down to the correct end of the field... we played the Taiwan team yet had to give them a few of our players since they only had about 4 girls. We (Japan...) had players from all over there, Nagano, Tokyo etc...

Headed to the Brass Monkey after that and watched some footy, All Blacks vs. British and Irish Lions and then Oz vs. South Africa. Became a little too patriotic during the Oz game... hell during the All Blacks as well (it's all down under really...). Sang the Oz national anthem and Waltzing Matilda as loud as i could into my microphone (VB bottle... yep, they had VB there!! and i actually drank it... i've only been trying to drink beer since i was 18...) So after about 100 AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI 's it was time to leave and go and get ready for the next outting... dinner at this Dinosaur place which was pretty cool then off to the LUXY... very expensive to get in (about $50AU) and we were supposed to get free drinks (got about 1 JD and coke...) but still... it was an awesome club with lit up dancefloors and various rooms upstairs, we got one of the VIP rooms where lotsa table and lounge dancing occured... in the middle of the night the bar tenders lit up some vodka bottles with fire and juggled them... would put Tom Cruise in "Cocktails and Dreams" to shame... there were chicks dancing on the bar and also some other dude dancing on the bar lit up with more fire. Nothing seemed to have burned down that night...

The next day was a bit of sight-seeing... went to a market and bought a bracelet... was kinda disappointed though, expected more stuff than just Jade jewellry to be there.... then Pizza Hut for lunch was no disappointment though (there's no Pizza Hut in Okinawa, only on base and we can't get it...)

The awards were presented at night, with Japan GAA (us!!) winning, yay for us... and after that we went to some more markets and bought a few things... got a top and bag etc. The night markets were really cool and fairly cheap.

We caught our flight back on the Monday after going to the Confuscious Temple (absolutely beautiful!!) and having subway for lunch (yet another luxury Okinawa doesn't have... except on f*%king base!!!)

So yeah, awesome time had by all... wouldn't mind seeing a bit more of Taiwan at some stage since it's only just over an hour flight from Oki.