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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Aug 2005

Location: Okinawa, Japan

MapA bunch of us went to the Orange Range concert a few weeks ago... well really it was a "music picnic" with a whole bunch of bands but mainly we just wanted to see Orenji Denji!!! They're an Okinawan band just outta high school basically... not much of a picnic despite the name of the day... all of our food got taken off us at the gate so being the chubba gaijin we are we just stood at the gate and ate it... haha all of it...
Anywho... Japanese concerts aren't anything like home... this one was held in Ginowan in kinda an ampitheatre like set-up... whole bunch of concrete benches facing a stage... no walking around, no cameras, no food, no water (unless you buy it there...) no alcohol!!! Some of us snuck in beer bought from the convenience store... the security guards even got all poopy when we took pics on our mobiles!!! they made us come and delete them!
Anyways, all in all it was a fun day and we got to sing along to the few songs we actually knew... going to add some pics tomorrow... haha that i illegally took... :)