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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Oct 2005

Location: Kumejima, Japan

Mapwell this past weekend was sooo fun!! possibly one of the best one's i've had since being here! after we got off the ferry we went straight to this cool izakaya/day spa kinda place called Baude House. after demolishing pasta and cake a few people went to the spa and dona, dee, jennie and i did a bit of sightseeing. had yummy yakisoba for din dins and then went a little crazy with the marshmallows and bikkies around the bombfire... next day we were up and ready to run run run!!! dee and i ran our 10kms in 54min24sec so yay for us!! isla did an incredible run, her best yet, 42kms in 4hrs7mins!!! crazy girl, so fit!! the course was quite flat with only one hill and it was so lovely having all the little obaachans and kiddies cheering for us as we run by them. really beautiful atmostphere on kume island. afterwards we just chilled for a bit, got our free lunch of tempura etc. it's crazy the amount of stuff we got just for running. sure, we all paid the 3000yen (about $38 OZ) but we got a shirt, big bottle of awamori, free lunch, medals, massage, certificates and loads of water. got on the ferry to return to naha, most of us just passed out, or at least tried too! kinda sad the weekend was over but there's loads more to come so yayaya!!!