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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Oct 2005

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Maphad the second annual halloween party this past weekend. crazy crazy night, sooo fun!! even better since i remember it all this year! the costumes people wore were totally incredible. some of us chicks dressed up as school girls, originally going to be vampire school girls until we tried to talk with the teeth in... yeah that didn't work too well... mick's face paint was awesome!!! matt1 was a funny school girl too, voice and all. kawaii japanese talk yo! the night seemed to have flown by, even though we were there for about 7 hours... night mainly consisted off hannah and i finding our skanky friend dona (just playing dona... wink wink), dancing on the bar, seeing various people with their pants around their ankles (or this random man who decided to go as a sumo and had his ass hanging out for half the night anyways...) bit more dancing... left at 4 and straight to family mart for exactly what you feel like after drinking... a tuna sandwich and bar of chocolate... i'm in dire need of new york slice or a kebab at this point but i guess one's gotta settle for what's available... better than scoffing down zarusoba i spose... :)