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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Dec 2005

Location: Bangkok; Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Thailand

MapOk, well arrived safely into Bangkok airport early this morning (23rd dec) around 2am, shared a cab with random danish boy with crazy mowhawk and went straight to Khao San road to find our hotel. no bed bugs so that is always a plus... spent the day wandering around Khao San trying my bargining skills, which arent that great. got yelled at by random Thai man cos i dirtied up his floor "you buy nothing and dirty my floor", well look mate you shouldn't be mopping during shopping hours... then ran into Jennie and Gus for yummo pad-thai noodles for lunch. already feeling like a heffa! after shopping we met up with Perry's mate Toshi, did a bit of shopping then went to Club Slim where he was djing at... awesome club with 3 different rooms, we stayed in his hip hop room though. unfortuntely didn't stay too long cos we were all living off of about 3 hours sleep and we looked like ferals compared to the gorgeous Thai chicks. headed to Cambodia early early today on the 24th... can't believe it's xmas tomorrow, doesnt feel like it at all!! just had din dins at Tom's Irish Pub after a day of pizza eating, finding a hotel and crashing out for a few hours. big day tomorrow, celebrating xmas by going to Killing Fields... will update soon! jt xo