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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Dec 2005

Location: Siem Reap - Floating Village, Cambodia

Mapmade it to Siem Reap in once piece... our driver was the most horn-happy person i'd ever been in a bus with... don't need to mention how much little sleep i got... today we found a little hostel to crash at "sweet dreams". well for $2 a night i'm not bothered about whether my dreams are sweet or not. motorbiked (on the back!! not just me...) to the floating villages and then went on a pleasant boat ride down the river and saw, well, the floating village! although the people seem content and the children are playing oh so happily playing, it's hard not to feel sorry for them. the fact that they bathe, bathroom and wash their clothes all in the same water can't be healthy :( stopped at a floating crocodile farm/restaurant/tourist attraction afterwards. there must have been at least 50 crocs all in the space of 3 by 3 metres, all chilling out on top of each other. barely even moved when we threw some fish in! watched the sun set and then headed into town for food!! went to buddha lounge for din dins, curry for $2.50 and it was soooo yum!! off to Angkor Watt tomorrow!!