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jaimeet’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jan 2006

Location: Koh Pan ngan, Thailand

Mapok so arrived here a couple of days ago and have spent the majority of the time lying on the beach even though it's not very sunny... forgoing the sunscreen today, i need to get burnt!! slip slop slap ja nai yo! first night here, 29th, huge party outside of our cottage place which was went on until about 5am. the self-confessed nanas im staying with were in bed by midnight but i ended up going outside and talking to a few randoms. made a ladyboy friend who can dance better than any chick ive ever seen and had a chat to a few of the locals as well.
bummed around the beach and ate mostly since ive been here.
for new years eve went down to hat rin where the full moon parties are at. craaaaazzzyyy night, unfortunately dont remember all of it, which could be a good thing considering i stacked it down the stairs. would have made everyone laugh i guess. and my ankle is caining still. met some cool kiwi guys but the rest of the night was spent looking for aine and lynn... kinda lost em... with the amount people there im not surprised though. at least i was with my mates for the countdown! just another new years eve to add to the list of "lost some of my friends and cant remember a whole lot but my photos seem to be fun". i came home with my digicam so that`s a plus!!!! spent the next day nursing a hangover, tried to sleep on the beach but started raining... though i hear i was prepared to just put a towel over my head and stay there until aine dragged me back up to the cottage... haha good times good times... :)