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Bob’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

Location: Cania Gorge Monto Qld, Australia

MapWe headed to Cania Gorge in September after our Darwin friends recommended it from one of their trips.
It is situated about 30 kms. NE of Monto in central Qld. We turned off the Pacific Hwy. after Gympie and thru Kilkivan on the Burnett Hwy. The road was good and we sat on the 100 without any trouble .
Stopped for lunch at Munduberra and off to Cania National Park.
The caravan park is a Big 4 and is actually in the national park.
The amenities were great and combine that with Damper morning teas, Bird feeding, Movies at night [all for free] and close proximity to all walks you couldn't ask for more.
A little animal called a Bettong comes around at night but very shy and hard to get a good photo.
Our cabin was on the bank of Three Moon Creek which was full of water birds plus all the local birds .Cattle wandered along a track at the side and not friendly . We were glad it was 21 steps down and fenced.
The walks were well signed and good walking . National Parks put out a brochure on them for all distances with recommendations of how tough they are.
We had a great 3 daysat probably the best time of the year temperature wise and we will be going back to see more