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Janine’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2008

Location: Singapore

MapSorry... I've been slack but I'm back! Hmmmm what's been happening since my last entry nearly a month ago?????
* Christmas is July at Meegs' house - including presents and a tree and amazing food..
* A visit from my big sis Coll. Her lovely husband Stu surprised her with a trip to see me for her b'day. She wasn't happy she didn't get to do her own packing though! We had a lovely time pampering ourselves and playing tourist. And Coll.... the Red Chairs are RED not orange! There will never be a Facebook group called "I eat at the Orange Chairs"
* Out of control shopping sprees with Linds
* Kevin Rudd visited our school. He was very composed and friendly and was not at all phased by 2000 kids screaming and cheering and treating him like a rock star. It was a surreal experience. He stopped to chat to a number of my friends but I was too busy trying to stop my big yr 6s from trampling the little kids in a bid to high five Kev.
* Visit from Kylz on her way thru to Dubai - just like old times except there were only 2 Harrisons rather 3. Crazy times were had.

Think that's my month in a nutshell, combined with the usual smatterings of social events, too much work and holiday planning. My next trip is to Cambodia when the lovely Kirsty Jones comes to visit. Then I'm back in Oz (are you counting down?) end of Oct and AFRICA for Christmas!!!!!

Oh, my parents have finally moved to Sydney so I guess Canberra is no longer home... I feel so displaced.
Hope you Aus people are enjoying the cold and snow (hee hee). If it makes you feel any better I'm swamped by mozzies and trying desperately to avoid the Dengue fever epidemic.
I'll add more pics very soon
love and hugs
PS. Welcome to the world little babies Hoorweg, Wilson and Cox!
Happy b'day for next week Janelle!