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Janine’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008

Location: "The Fishbowl" AISS, Singapore

MapHello lovely friends and family,
Hope life is treating you well wherever you are. My crazy Singers life continues on as normal.. not much to report.
I did get a promotion though... Next yr I'll be yr 6 team leader. Actually I get the extra time and cash next year but all the hard work is happening now as we move yr 6 into the middle school. What fun! I'm also crazy busy doing choreography for the school musical so life is ridiculously hectic BUT...
I'm heading off to Cambodia in week and a bit. The lovely Kirsty Jones is coming over and we're off to run amok, Lara Croft style. Can't wait.
I'll be in Oz very briefly at the end of next month. I arrive in Sydney on Sat 25th and will probably head to Canberra on Tuesday 28th. Then I'll have basically Wed, Thurs and Fri for catch-ups before Janelle and Matt's wedding on the w/e. So.... keep the dates free. I'm imagining lunch catch-ups with all you mums and then prob a Thursday night out for my drinking buddies. I'll be in touch.
Off to see a pretty lantern festival tonight..
Heaps of love