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Janine’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Dec 2008

Location: Singapore

MapAaaarrggghh!!! So busy lah!
Since returning from Oz I've been busier then I think I've ever been in my career. Nuts! First there was the school musical - biggest one I've choreographed yet (tick) then I presented at an international literacy conference (tick) then reports (tick) rewriting our whole literacy/humanities program for next yr (1/2 tick) yr 5 transition day (tick) relocating (1/4 tick) and learning journals (1/8 tick).
Thankfully I've regained my social life as of last week. Kylie Minogue was definitely a highlight. She's my hero! Last week we had a annual "Goon pub crawl where we go on a tour of the local dodgy karaoke and pool bars - tacky but fun. Saturday night was our staff Xmas party. More fun! Last night was our year six staff dinner - more tacky fun. This week the farewells start in the run down to........ end of school and AFRICA!!!!! I'm so excited it's crazy!

lots of love and hugs to you all