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Janine’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Dec 2008

Location: Singapore

MapI'm so excited it's ridiculous!!!!!! Bring on Africa! On Christmas Day I'll be sitting by a waterhole in Namibia drinking an African version of Baileys and watching the animals stroll by. For New Years I'll be in the Okavango Delta in Botswana hanging with the hippos.
But.... tomorrow I have to say goodbye to some of the best people ever. The worst thing about living the expat life is how quickly you become attached to people and then are separated. A few people have particularly made an impact! Goodbye beautiful, stunning little Alex! You will be such a hit at Uni and will drive those boys crazy! You are so amazing to get along with such a diverse range of people and everyone who meets you adores you! Bye my lovely Mary. I need to marry your son so you can be my mother-in-law. Couldn't wish for better! And Anna...... oh bugger. You are such a beautiful person and I am so blessed to call you my friend. I won't say goodbye just that I'll see you, Squeek and Carsie jnr soon. mwa xo.
Merry Christmas and all my love to you all! I'll reappear in January some time.