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Janine’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Aug 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWell I'm efficient aren't I? I've only just left home and here is my first diary entry!
After a very uneventful bus ride from Canberra we arrived at the Sydney airport. Before going to our hotel we decided to due some duty free shopping. This led us to spending the next 4 hours at the airport making friends with everyone - or as Bec calls it "finding out everyone's stories". WE made friends with Jan from duty free who is now in her second marriage (its been going well for the last 8 years). She has a daughter and a white pickett fence. We also know all the details about her engagement ring. Our next friend was Wym the volunteer. He's been working at the airport since the olympics - before that he was a travel agent for 40 years. Rebecca at the chemist was a little less forth coming about her life story - don't worry Bec still managed to make friends! If today is anything to go by I''m a little worried that we'll never actually get to SEE anything on our trip - we'll make heaps of friends though!
We are just about to out to dinner in Coogee with Bec's friend Ritchie. The REAL adventure starts at 820am tomorrow - stay tuned!