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Anja’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Oct 2005

Location: Alicedale, South Africa

MapAnother day by the pool!!! This working lark is just so difficult!!! Although I did go running again this morning! It's so beautiful running in the hills - although I'm always looking over my shoulder. In the past few weeks some lions have escaped fom neighbouring reseves & been spotted wondering around the streets. Not good for cattle & not good for slow runners!
Work starts tomorrow - can't wait! Went to the pub (of course) but had a fairly early night as had to get ready for our big first day. Had a bit of excitement when Nathalie, my room mate, found the biggest spider I've ever seen in our wardrobe. Unfortunately her one fear is spiders... Steve, one of our rangers, rescued it & released it - probably next to our bedroon window so it could get straight back in!!