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Anja’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Oct 2005

Location: Road trip!, South Africa

MapStarted the big road trip today. Hired lovely car - Toyota Corrolla 1.4i - which went surprisingly fast altho was worried about the paint work!! We left at 6am so we could miss the traffic(?!) & get to Jeffreys Baai for breakfast. Made it in record time (I was driving of course!) & got my feet in Indian Ocean at 8am. Boy, was it chilly! Absolutely beautiful though. Had the best breakfast at Sonnenblom Cafe (highly recommended if you're in the area) before going SHOPPING!! They have all the factory outlet shops for Billabong, Quicksilver, Reef, etc. Managed not to spend too much before heading on up the coast towards Tsitsikamma Mountains & NP. Which of course is where the worlds highest bungy jump is at Bloukrans Bridge! We stopped off at the Paul Sauer Bridge just to get into the spirit & get an idea of how high these bridges are. So, onto Storms River & the bungy. We watched a dozen guys throw themselves off before I decided enough was enough & I was off to join them (at this point Nat realised she couldn't not do it!) As they say, fear lasts a minute, regret lasts a lifetime!!! So I signed my life away got kitted out by Jacque who was the best & began the bridge walk. Yes, not only do you have to jump off you actually have to walk over there first. It's the wierdest feeling! So I thought I'd have some time to get my head round what I was doing but oh no - the previous group had finished jumping so I was straight up... Jacque strapped me up, talked me through the procedures & I bunny-hopped to the edge (you'll understand when you see the video!) They say don't look down but where's the fun in that??? So, with everyone whooping & singing the countdown began... 5 4 3 2 1 BUNGY..... I was actually gone at 1! Without a thought in the world I launched my self off the edge & what a feeling! I don;t believe I can fly, I know it.....It was the most amazing feeling! The drop is 185 metres before you bounced back up & down & up & down & up & down...It only last 7 seconds but feels like a lifetime (in a good way) When you're finally still & suspended upside down, it's the most peaceful feeling in the world! You can hear the river below you & the birds singing (they actually fly below you!) And then Chris came down to winch me back up & the spell was broken! So back up on dry land the party began! Everyone was shouting & clapping & hugging me! Fantastic.... And then it was Nats turn! I've never seen anyone so scared in all my life but, bless her, when push came to shove she didn;t hesitate! That girl flew off the edge in spectacular fashion! We were on a high for the rest of the day. I was prepared to go again but jump off backwards which apparently is awesome but I figured I'd spent enough for one day! So we drove onwards through Natures Valley & Plettenberg Bay to our evening destination of Knysna. We hadn't booked anywhere so were looking for somewhere suitable. The first place we stopped at was full but, in true SA style, she phoned her friend up the road who fitted us in & gave us a very good rate! We were given directions to an outstanding restaurant called Oldes where we spent the most enjoyable evening, eating the best food in good company! A great first day...