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Anja’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Oct 2005

Location: Shamwari/PE, South Africa

MapWent out to see what we could see & try & get some more profiles - either wild dog, elephant or lion.
All seemed quiet & then we spotted the remains of a zebra - just the leg & boy did it stink! Surprised it was still there as would have made a nice brekkie for a jackal.
Spotted the northern male lion in the thicket & he walked parallel with us. He's still limping after his fight with the southern male but we were quite amazed to see him still alive & kicking. As he flopped under a tree he attempted a roar... not a very good roar (think Simba in the Lion King!) but suddenly the whole pride appeared & spent time greeting each other. Was fantastic to see -we normally catch them when they're just sleeping under trees. Had a bit of a moment when one of the female cubs came for a closer look. She appeared to want to join us in the back of the bakkie & Terry was sat with her hands on the keys in case we needed to leave in a hurry! But we were obviously not that interesting as she wandered off to join the rest of the pride.
Was an amazing morning for birds - saw Crowned Hornbill, Brown hooded kingfisher, Crowned Eagle & a juvenile Martial Eagle.
Moved down to Bayethe to look for buffalo but they were in hiding. They'd definitely been there though from the smell! Brad suddenly spotted a snake in a tree & we thought it was a boomslang but we have since confirmed it as a Western Green Snake.
Came home for lunch & to check on Rach as she's been ill earlier & stayed at home. She had gone from bad to worse so we called the paramedics & I went with her to St Georges Hospital in PE. Not the best place to spend your afternoon but being so sick away from home has got to be the worst. And she's afraid of needles!!! Quentin, the guy in charge of us students, met us there & we got her sorted out. She was admitted for the night so I finally made it home at 7.20pm. So I missed lunch & dinner but the kind chef at the pub sorted me out with a nice cheese toastie!
Then in true style popped over to Louis' for a quick (read few) nightcaps...ZZzzzzzzzz