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Anja’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Oct 2005

Location: Born Free - Shamwari, South Africa

MapWas rudely awakened this morning by thunder & lightening & a deluge of water pouring off the roof. The weather had finally turned & despite hating the rain it was definitely needed here.
A group of 6 of us were supposed to be going on the wilderness trail today where we walk into the bush & sleep under the stars with no distractions from the outside world. We have our ranger Steve with a rifle but it's basically up to us to take turns standing watch through the night to make sure we don't get eaten! Every predator on the reserve is able to roam this area if it chooses & we'd probably taste better than wildebeest... Unfortunately the forecast was really bad - gales & rain - so we had to cancel.
So we got ready to go over to Born Free to feed the predators as we missed it last week due to our road trip. But first we had to get there through the pouring rain. Luckily we went in Steves bakkie as he's back from holidays & it's got a cover. Even better I sat in the cab with him & remained almost perfectly dry. Big change from the first week!
Great to see Glen again but he set us a messy task! Obviously we feed the predators huge pieces of meat on the bone - think giant t-bone! But this means their enclosures get full of bones & someone has to clear them out...that would be us! Rather smelly work, especially when certain members of the lion population think it's amusing to charge the fences & make you jump... If they really wanted to they could clear the fences no problem but we can only hope they prefer the kudu.
After lunch I went with Glen in his landie & we drove round feeding the cats. Great to see them again all looking so good & healthy. A few half-hearted attempts made by Aslan to scare Glen but he held his own. I'll hopefully get to spend one last day here before having to leave. Fingers crossed.
So back to the pub for fish 'n chips (it's like being home!) & a few beers to unwind!