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Anja’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Oct 2005

Location: Shamwari, South Africa

MapTerry was off visiting family in Joburg so we were out with Steve who is now back from his hols. The plan was to go down to Bayethe & do a bit of bird-watching. As soon as we got through the gate we saw a Brown hooded kingfisher on the fence post. This was quickly followed by the cheetah & her two cubs. She's so relaxed with people round her you could stay for hours. We got to watch her in hunt mode but unfortunately she missed the prey! Lots of distress calls going out especially from the monkeys! Got down to Bayethe & went out on foot to see what was around. First sighting was a Greater Honeyguide which we were incredibly lucky to see. They have a good relationship with people as they lead them to where the honey is. Although you may not want to do this here as you never know whats around the corner! Also spotted White necked raven, Jackal Buzzard, Knysna Lourie & a black-shouldered kite (my dad will be proud!)
After lumch we headed out to continue with Steves soil erosion project. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the Wild Dogs were using the area for a little R & R so we couldn't get to work! Shame! Luckily the dogs were very relaxed & full from the hunt so we got in close & managed to profile one of the pups. He's been christened Boomerang due to the markings on his rear left flank. Unfortunately the photos aren't good enough to use for the official file as the sun was shining from the wrong direction. Better luck next time.
Went out to the Station Bar & Loui's for a few drinks. Met up with Gareth & it turned into a late night! Probably good to get some practice in before my birthday celebrations! Bed at 2.30am.....