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Anja’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Oct 2005

Location: Alicedale, South Africa

Managed a bit of a lie-in before a hard day at the pool!! The weather is glorious again so too hot to do much! The pool is finally starting to clear too so can actually see the bottom although maybe this isn't such a good thing. At least we'll be able to see the snakes!
So, the birthday celebrations commenced at 6.30pm with some well deserved vodka! Anneke had booked the Khausa dancers to come & perform for us. They were great although a little scarey! I don't want to be eaten.... Although they were very friendly when I got up to dance with them. They look great in skins!
The dancing was followed by a braai. Loads of delicious meat & salads & of course more vodka! And then the shots started - I don't think I've mixed so many different drinks in one night. Delicious though - especially the NachtMusik.
Having gotten all dressed up for my party there's obviously only one thing that can happen - get thrown in the pool. Apparently this had been planned. Anneke got me dancing on the bar & then led me outside. I turned to find myself face-to-face with Ros & Brad who had evil glints in their eyes! With one holding either end I was ceremoniously carried to the pool (my language at this point is unrepeatable!) & neatly thrown in! The water was actually really warm although after all that booze I could've done without swallowing a mouthful! So hair, clothes & make-up ruined we carried on into the wee hours......