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Anja’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Oct 2005

Location: Alicedale/Grahamstown, South Africa

Got up & opened my cards & pressies (thank you to you all) before getting ready for lunch. Anneke & Daz took me, Nat & Brad to Grahamstown for lunch at the local Spur restaurant. It helped with the recovery of last nights shenanigans! Nothing like a good steak to sort you out! We could barely move once we'd finished. You can tell I'm getting old as we had to come back & have a lie-down before getting ready to go out again! After 40 winks Nat & myself headed over to Anneke & Daz's house for drinks. They also surprised me with a big cake & a lovely card. We had fun watching the SA edition of Pop Idol (there's a Simon Cowell in every country!) before nodding off in front of a film. All in all a lovely birthday which managed to last all weekend.
(Some of the others also went off to do the Bungy jump today. They all jumped despite the terror!!!)