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Anja’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Oct 2005

Location: Shamwari, South Africa

MapSet out to south of reserve this morning in search of cheetah & elephant. Came across another white rhino (known as long-horn) with her calf so spent a while there with the yellow-billed kite which was circling overhead. We then heard that the guys were out with the telemetry equipment & had found 2 leopards (the female we saw together with a male that she's chasing! Typical!) We finally found them but couldn't see them as they were in deep bush & weren't coming out in a hurry! We headed out to Bayethe for a final bash at the buffalo. As we were admiring some freshly picked bones I heard Brad say 'don't look know but there's a lion behind you!' We'd managed to drive straight past the 2 sub adults but they'd come out to take a closer look. Got to spend soem time with them although one got fiesty & gave us a roar. Did make us jump! We then spotted some elephant happily grazing away at the side of the road. Despite their seeming calmness didn't want to end up cut off so didn't stay too long.
And on to Bayethe where finally FINALLY the buffalo came out to say 'hi'! In actul\al fact when they saw the bakkie they decided to come investigate. (Due to the drought the rangers have been supplementing their diet & have fed them off the back of a bakkie so they thought we were food!) And they didn't stop coming.... The faster we moved the faster they did! Also the bull took the lead & he's starting to get unpredictable so we didn't want to get caught. They finally realised we weren't a late morning snack & headed off into the bushes... & then they were gone!
Terry had to go to a meeting this afternoon so she left us in the hands of Ian & we set off to work on the soil erosion project. We were distracted on route as we heard the Wild Dogs had made a kill & were out in the open. We came across the carcass which was stripped clean & then there they were. Lounging around the water hole with full tummies... Hoped to get some more pics of Boomerang but they weren't up for a photo shoot!
Finally make it to the erosion sight where we got to work. My job was making stakes out of logs using a panga (very sharp machete type tool). I've kept one in case the vampires come tonight! And I also have a nice blister to show for all the hard work.....
Well, tonight's our last night at Louis Bar so off for more booze! Goodnight!