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Anja’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Oct 2005

Location: small house in Bath!, UK

MapWell, that was it! I'm finally home after what feels like the shortest & longest month of my life!!
On Thursday night we had a huge party at the pub to say good-bye to everyone which went on til 3.30am the following morning. There was much laughter, tears & drunkeness followed by a few hang-overs...
As it was our last night together we built a fortress out of mattresses in the living room & all slept together inside. It was a nice way to spend our last couple of hours together (as that's all that was left before breakfast!) And god bless Anneke & Daz for ensuring our final breakfast was a fry-up! After all, it's a long journey home!
At this point everything turned into a mad dash. We had to get over to Longlee Manor to pay our HUGE internet bills! This is close to a 40 minute drive through the reserve & then back again to pack. As I was showered & changed for the journey home I sat up front with Steve to try & stay clean! Bless him for keeping me smiling instead of crying. But then he took me to say good-bye to the elephants & that pretty much finished me off...
So back to the house for lunch & the good-byes. By this point everyone was in tears! It's so difficult when you've become so close in such a small time - especially when half the group were staying behind! I'm going to miss them all so much - they've become my family!
In true SA style the cars to the airport were 1 1/2 hours late so we ended up saying a final rushed good-bye before driving at breakneck speed to get to PE before the plane took off. Luckily Quinton had got in touch with the airline & they were kindly holding the plane. We were rushed through check-in & security -felt famous & important for a second! And so onto the plane for the long journey home.
As the plane left the ground at Joburg I felt like my heart would break. I can't imagine going back to my 'old' life after this amazing experience. As I silently said good-bye I knew deep in my heart that I'd be back before long.....