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Suse & Mick’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Jul 2006

Location: Bankgok, Thailand

MapHi everyone,

Here we are in Bangkok, Thailand.

We flew in from Singapore yesterday afternoon, we flew with Jetstar Asia and the flight only took 2 hours so it was a quick trip over. We landed at around 7pm but then it took about an hour to get through immigration (the lines were so long!) and then it was another hour or so on the bus into town.

We are staying at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers right on the river here in Bangkok. We have a swish room on the 26th floor with beautiful views over the river. Mick's mate Aidan managed to swing us great rates for this hotel for 4 nights, Aidan's uncle is a manager here. So we are loving it! I had a bath for the first time in ages last night, and then relaxed in my fluffy bath robe in front of TV. It was great!

This morning we were up and going at about 9.30am, we headed along the street near the hotel to a tailor, we both got measured up for some tailor made business suits. We picked some nice fabric and we are each getting 2 suits. Hopefully they turn out well. We have another fitting this evening.

After our fitting we got the Sky Train to a shopping mall called MBK. It is massive! We had a quick scout around for an hour or so, earmarking places to go back to later. We then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch! We ordered our usual...we each get the same thing every time we go to an HRC. Mick has the Nachos and I get the Haystack Chicken Salad! Today we had Buffalo Wings for starters too. Lunch was great, but I think from now on we will be eating Thai food...much cheaper and very easy to come by, there are food stalls everywhere. It will be great to try a bit of the local cuisine.

We spent the rest of the day at MBK. I let Mick head off to peruse the electrical goods while I looked at clothes and handbags etc. I also went and had a pedicure, for only $12 Australian! So cheap. I am going to have a Thai Massage at some stage too, they are just as cheap and I have heard so much about them.

We didnt make any purchases but we want to get some DVDs at some point, plenty of places that sell them so we will stock up before we leave on Sunday.

The weather here is OK...overcast and very humid, but not too hot without the sun, so its bearable. It was much worse in some parts of Spain when it was over 40 degrees some days.

In other news, a big congrats to my cousin Donna and her finace Raff who got engaged last weekend! Another day, another engagement!

Well thats about it from me for now. Time to go scope out the swimming pool etc at this hotel!!

Till next time,