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gods adventures’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Dec 2005

Location: Miami, Orlando, USA

MapWe landed in Miami again and jumped in a car and headed up to Orlando, stopped somewhere along the way. Driving was a bit difficult for me for some reason as i seemed to day dream and nearly side swipe every second car as we were on the wrong side of the road, hard to get used to.
While in orlando we went to Universal studios 2parks which we did in 5 hours, bit old for parks these days i think. Plus there were too many yanks greeting 'happy holidays' and 'how u doin', which does your head in after a while.
In the days we were there we drove west to Clearwater beach, which was a probably one of the nicest beaches, would be sensational during summer. We also drove east to the yanks no1 sport, to home of the Nascar, which was cool as well, don't know why it is there main sport cause all they do is drive around in cirlcles, dead boring if you ask me. No supercars.