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gods adventures’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Dec 2005

Location: New York City, USA

MapAfter Bostonio we had planned to catch up with Leeroy, Bourke, Poogs, Welsh and Patto in New York which was just great to go to NY but to catch up with them was great.
While we waited for the boys we went to Empire state building, Madisson Square, Times Square, World Trade Centre, central park and Statue of Liberty. Times square was the business, unreal place.
We had New Years there which was a rather funny night of what i remember. Ended up being searched by the cops cause one guy was on a ego trip. We headed to a couple of bars i think, but don't have any idea who i was with or with, might of been on the subway. Didn't even see the ball, now how stupid is that.
All in all New York was the highlight, place rocks.