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gods adventures’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jan 2006

Location: Washington DC, USA

MapAfter a few messy days in New York we all headed on the FengWa bus to DC. Now FengWa the name sounds interesting, the journey was torture, the driver had no idea, we had to basically fight for our individual seats. Bourke was saying his prayers as he was shot gun and saw how rough a driver he was. The toilets well, they wafted through the bus, the heating was on like 60, sweat and the waft, u can imagine, to add to things we thiught it was a 2.5hr journey, of course not 5 stinking hot hours later.
Got in really late, ended up scoring some posh residents and crashed out, well some of us did, i tested the toilet system out all night by spewing my ring up for 5 hours. Painful was the next day sightseeing. Now this was a much better tour of the town, plenty to see, the white house suprisingly isn't as large as in person. All in all great place, needed more time if you are into history.