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Jesta’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jan 2006

Location: Rome, Italy

MapHey people!
I dont have much time but this is basically just to say that we are now in rome and have been for the last two days and that tomoro, yes you heard right TOMORO we are beginning our very round about way home! Yay! Feels like ive been away forever even if it is just less than5 months. So yeah, we leave tomoro and get home on Sunday....(stupid stop over in thailand and annoying having to go thru munich).

Anyway, Austria was really nice but very cold. We spent three days snowboarding in two different resorts, Axamar Lizur and Stubai Glacier which were awesome and because it had been snowing the whole day before but was sunny the first two days we went it was like the best snow ive ever seen. So much powder and on those days totally uncrowded. The only bad thing about powder is thart at the start i didnt know how to do it and kept putting my weight on my front foot so i keep having the front of my board plough into powder and id go head over heels. Then i would be stuck for the next fifteen minutes looking like a total retard trying to get up on my feet in knee deep powder without having my board buried. Pretty frustrating but on the whole it was excellent and i figured out the powder in the end (kinda....). The last day it snowed REALLY heavily and it was scary but slightly exhilarating to have no idea of what was 2 meters in front of you and having to dodge peiople as they loomk up in front of you. Excellent. But it cleared in the end and got some good runs in.
Anyway, enough about snowboarding coz ive only got one minute left< on the computer and i have to sign off. Damn!

Anyway, cant wait to see everyone and for those who want to i will put my europe photos up as well as an in depth account of Rome.