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Geoff’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Apr 2016

Location: Bongaree, Australia

MapHave been teaching seniors for many years - how to use computers - and, occasionally, how to use Planetranger. Just reminded two of our locals about Planetranger before they take off overseas.

Have now just sent an email to two Pommies telling them the same. Richard has used it for some 11 years since I first showed it to him when he visited me in Australia but he is concenrned about moving house and email - referred him to the help contact.

Tony is worried about social media so told him that Planetranger is not in the same category.

I do not use Planetranger because I am now a cave dweller on Bribie Island having seen enough of the world, and never living in the same house for some 40 years - till now! Don't like even moving out of this suburb on Bribie to take my wife shopping! At about 80, ride my bike round the island, walk the dogs around some splendid playing fields, and play golf 4 times a week; life is quiet, pleasant; weather is ideal; people are so friendly .....

I am adding this page and some photos to show those two pommies what they can do!